Friday, August 18, 2006

Jenna will beback on Mon :}

I'm going up north w/ my friend till Monday so no more posts till then .
Thats not really a long time but o well :P
Just thought i'd tell you guys :D
make sure u leave plenty of comments.

Alloy!! :D

Lately, I've found myself looking @ alloy's clothes a lot :] idk what it is about their stuff but i love em'
Here's just a couple things i like.

Ballet neck tee 22.50

{it's kinda plain but w/ the right accesories it has cute potential}

Dot Cami 28.50
Pointelle babydoll hoodie 32.50

Tiered Heart Necklace $16.50Sequin & Satin Espadrille 18.75

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Patternz :]

I have no idea why but lately i've been obsessed w/ patterned clothing :] Mostly stripes & polka-dots, but i like cute little suff like the icecream shirt i picked out .
Is it just me?
Striped Hoodie $24.50 --->
Dot Tunic $24.50 --->
Roxi tank $22.50 --->
Scoop Multi Dot top$14.50 --->
Icecream cone tee $12.50 --->
Maya Bangle set $12.50 --->www.delias.comBow Slip-Ons $32.00 --->

Monday, August 14, 2006

Victoria's Secret =]

Victoria's Secret is the only place i know that sells sweatpants & makes them stylish :]
+ they've got cute undiez ;]

Pink Sweatshirt $34.50
Pink Wideneck Top $58.50
Love Pink Sweatpants $36.50
Pink Racerback slip$24.50Pink Tote Bag $19.50
{ i know most of it isn't the cheapest but who can resist! it's all SO adorable :P}

Targettt <3

I love how Target now has the GO International brand where they feature differnet designers like Luella Bartley, Tara & at the moment Paul & Joe. Scince Paul & Joe is currently the line of fashion Target is featuring right now, everything from Luella is on clearance :] I myself prefer Luella so i picked out a few things i liked.
Comment puhleasee :]
Luella Suede Jacket Clearance:$74.99
Luella Empire Viole Dress- Angus Pink Clearance:$23.99
Luella Patched Denim Shorts Clearance:$14.99
Luella Gypsy Mini Skirt Ebony Clearance:$14.99

Luella Grommit Belt-Snow White Clearance:$9.99

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Clique :]

My favorite books by far is the Clique Series By: Lisi Harrison. Their totally addicting & i can't wait every time a new book is about come out! if you haven't read them yet read them!
& if you did comment about em'! :]Y


who has one; who doesn't?
What's your opinion on it?
{ had one; deleted it. i was getting sick of it & its not safe nemore :[ }

Wet seal :D

i never really buy nething from Wet Seal, but i think their clothes are really cute. [ & afforable :P]
so i was on their website & i picked out a bunch of stuff i liked
& decided to put it on my blog :]
Comment please!

Lace Racer Tunic Tank $9.50
All Over Cherries Tee $12.50
Striped Henley Tank $12.50
Flap Pocket Jeans $29.50
Sweetheart broken twill $20.50
Basic Clutch Bag $16.50
22" Graduated Plastic Necklace $7.00

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fred Flare=Luv

Personally, i love Fred Flare. Their stuff is afforable & really really cute :D
I have a few things coming in the mail from there & i wanted to know your opinion!
By the way if you wanted to check there items out click here ---> :]

Holly purse $48
{a little pricy but i love it!}

{ the inside lining of the purse!} Patchwork wallet $20
Charmed heart necklace set $5.99
Happy Apples compact mirror $6.50
{ ik it's a little random but i thought it was really cute! :P }

Comment on watcha think! ;]

Friday, August 11, 2006

Luv Bites Paris in the...Arm

So; i was on my internet's home page; & i saw this artical about Paris Hilton; i thought it was pretty interesting. {even though im not Paris Hilton's biggest fan} :/ im gonna put it in neway. so here it is :D

Luv Bites Paris in the...Arm
By :Natalie Finn

No, we don't mean the Simple Life star's ubiquitous Chihuahua, but rather the deceptively adorable kinkajou named Baby Luv that bit her on the arm earlier this week.
Hilton's publicist, Elliott Mintz, confirmed to E! News that she was treated for a superficial bite wound at a Los Angeles-area hospital shortly after 3 a.m. Tuesday, received a tetanus shot and was released a few hours later.
The hotel heiress acquired her razor-toothed, raccoon-like bundle of ferocious joy last November during a trip to Las Vegas and, after setting foot back home in Los Angeles--where kinkajous are illegal to own, unless you're a zoo or otherwise-licensed facility--promptly received a warning from the California Department of Fish and Game.
Department spokesman Steve Martarano said that it's protocol to monitor such situations and then direct violators to either move their animals to a place that's permitted to handle them or to go play with their pets in another state.
It's also illegal to keep kinkajous, which are indigenous to Central and South America, as pets in New York City, so Hilton is running out of playgrounds.And when the government intervention didn't work you'd think that getting bit and scratched in the face during a December shopping trip would have done the trick.
Hilton is known for being a friend of the animals, though. In addition to her dogs, Tinkerbell and Cinderella, she also owned a ferret for awhile. Like kinkajous--and Hilton for that matter--ferrets are very playful, social creatures. But while Hilton can probably provide a better home than most for her exotic companions, she may not be doing anyone--including those who look up to her--any favors.
"The problem with Paris and others buying trendy and small, high-maintenance animals and using them as accessories, is that it helps perpetuate the cruel trade in exotic animals," PETA spokesperson Lisa Lange said. "She probably takes very good care of them because she can, but kinkajous, chinchillas and other pocket pets--even smaller dogs--are not to be picked up and taken down the red carpet."

Blahh..Blahh...Blahh.. the rest is really boring so i didn't put it :]


Oh yea; i 4got to mention-being able to go to Newyork is my D.r.e.a.m*

& i'm very excited-because my dream is coming true this summer :)

My Blog! :)

The 11th of August, 2006

Hey :)
yey i finally signed up for this thing! Im a little confused by it but i'll figure it out eventully :D scince fashion is a passion of mine [ teehee that rymed] my blog is gonna be all about;
Fashion-music-accesories-Nething i love-
cuz i like writing about that stuff; it makes me happy :) & btw the ideas i will include in my blog will be for afforable & appropriate for teens!well i guess that's it for today? ik short but i cant think of nething else to write :P

Luv Always,
P.S. feel free to comment with your opinions/ideas =]